Wedding Tips and Tricks: Part IV

For all of you brides out there looking for all the help you can get while planning your wedding, look no further! Here is my latest installment of Wedding Tips and Tricks! 

1. Spread out addressing invitations over several days. Trying to do it all at once can be overwhelming, not to mention painful for your hand! Or, have friends help you to address the envelopes. Throw a party as incentive! 

2. If you are having children at your wedding, make sure you have some activities planned for them at the reception to keep them entertained. This will help prevent the inevitable meltdown when they get bored and tired. 

3. Make sure someone knows how to do up the back of your dress, as well as how to bustle it for the reception. Have them come to one of your fittings if possible. You almost certainly cannot get into your dress yourself! 

4. Use Pinterest to look up unique ideas, but do not go overboard. Nothing is more stressful than taking on too many DIY projects and realizing that you will not get them finished in time for the wedding. Choose one or two projects and get your bridesmaids to help!

5. If you have any specific songs that are special to you and your fiancé, let your musician know. We love to learn new songs, and we want to help make your big day special. Just don't wait until the last minute to tell us! 

What wedding tips and tricks to do you have? Leave them in the comments section below and I just might include them in the next installment of Wedding Tips and Tricks! 

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