Engagement Stories: Johannah & Garrett

This month's Engagement Story is about a couple who met online and fell into a whirlwind romance. Their mutual love of dogs and TV binges helped to solidify their relationship, but their love for each other is what really sealed the deal. Everyone: meet Johannah and Garrett!

How did you first meet? 

I am definitely one of those cliché people who met my husband online! ChristianMingle.com baby! I always felt like we would be on one of their commercials one day and they were going to make us rich! haha There was something about Garrett's pick-up line that just caught my attention. I mean, who could ignore a guy with a pick-up line like, "I'm not an Alabama fan, but that 'A' sure does look mighty good on you." I mean after that it was just love at first line. ;)

What did you do on your first date? 

When I met Garrett he lived in Lexington, KY. I had never been to Lexington before, so on our first date Garrett made me his infamous spaghetti and meatballs and then we went to Thursday night live. It is held in downtown Lexington, and a band and a bunch of vendors get together. Basically you just hang out and listen to music. Lexington is a very dog friendly city, so we were able to take out furry rugrats and have a good ole time! 

When did you know they were the one? 

Garrett makes me want to be a better person. He is literally one of the most generous and gentle-hearted men you will ever meet. Garrett meets no stranger. He loves to talk and make friends. He is kind and warm. He fits right in with my crazy, wild family, and that is definitely something to tip your hats off to. But honestly, I think the moment I knew that Garrett was the one was when he started treating my spoiled, princess-of-the-universe, queen-of-all-possessions dog as his own dog. She is my world, and when I saw that she loved him just as much as I did, and vice versa, I knew I had to keep him. 

How did he propose?

I always call Garrett a hopeless romantic. We had been dating for about 6 months when he asked me to marry him. He moved to Tennessee from Lexington to be with me and we had been living together since he moved here. In hind sight I probably should have known the engagement was coming, but I didn't. It came completely out of left field, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. So, naturally, I wanted to go to Cheekwood Botanical Garden for their Scarecrow Festival and pumpkin patch. My mom and my siblings went with us of course. When we got there we were picking out a pumpkin and all of a sudden Garrett gave me an envelope with a poem in it (hopeless romantic!!). He made me read the poem out loud...in front of like SIX WHOLE PEOPLE!!! haha Well, you could say I was mortified. I am not a crowd pleaser! I read the poem and on the last stanza, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I looked at him and said, "What are you doing?! Get up! People are staring at me!" He wouldn't get up until I gave him an answer. Of course I said yes, and then made sure I could still get the pumpkin I came for! 

The funny part of this story is not my embarrassment. I could be the fact that Garrett rear-ended someone on his way to pick me up to ask me to marry him. Or the fact that I made him sleep on the couch the night before because he stayed out WAY too late and wouldn't answer my phone calls (come to find out he was asking my dad if he could marry me). Anyways, it was definitely a day I will always remember!! 

What is your favorite thing about him?

My favorite thing about Garrett is his passion. He goes above and beyond for the things he is most passionate about. Even if that passion is the Arsenal soccer team, which I care NOTHING about! But his passion and drive is really something to marvel. 

What are some things you enjoy doing together?

Garrett and I are Netflix bingers! We LOVE staying up late watching our latest TV interest. We also love doing things with the dogs. We try to take walks together and get the dog in on the walks too. We love arguing about whether Alabama or Florida is the better team. Any time we can just spend together is good enough for us. :)

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