Wedding Tips and Tricks

Every bride I know is always looking for some tips on how to make their wedding day flow smoothly, or some tricks to make things seem easy even when they aren't! I am going to give you a list of some of the best wedding tips and tricks that I know. 


1. Use a checklist! The Knot has a great one that keeps you on track, and keeps your stress levels low. 

2. Get a wedding planning binder. It helps you to keep everything organized and it makes a nice keepsake for later. 

3. Write your thank you notes as soon as you receive the gift! It will make for much less work after the wedding, and you will have less risk of forgetting who gave you that toaster.

4. Make sure to wear a button-up shirt when you are getting ready on the morning of so as not to mess up your hair and makeup. 

5. Bring comfy shoes for the reception. You want to be able to bust a move on the dance floor without killing your feet! 

What wedding tips and tricks do you have? Leave them in the comments section below and I just might use them in my next installment of Wedding Tips and Tricks! 

With love,