Engagement Stories: Toye & Kyle

This month's installment of Engagement Stories is a sweet love story years in the making. Boy meets girl, boy and girl are friends for seven years, boy asks girl out, boy and girl get married...you know, a typical love story ;) Now, they have been married for two years this month! Everyone: meet Toye and Kyle! 

How did you first meet?

Kyle and I first met in college...sometime during college. I always thought I would remember the day I met my husband, but neither of us remember the day! lol

What did you do on your first date?

Kyle and I were friends for seven years before we started dating, so our first date was more serious (and borderline creepy by normal first date standards). We went for a walk around a park and talked about where we saw ourselves in the future. We talked about whether we wanted to live in the city or the country and how many kids we wanted in our future... Of course, we didn't know if that would be in our future together or not. After our walk, we ordered a pizza for dinner. Crazy first date, huh?

When did you know he was the one?

About two months after we started dating, we were driving somewhere and Kyle said something that I thought was totally hilarious. I accidentally blurted out, "I love you." It was true. I didn't intend to be the first to say it, but it just came out. I was lucky he didn't hear it and could wait for the right time for him to bring up where our relationship was going. That moment just confirmed what I knew in my heart. 

How did he propose?

Kyle worked the night shift at the time, so we would see each other on odd days whenever we could make time. He ended up proposing on a rainy Tuesday night that we had decided would be our date night. Most of the time when we would hang out it was very casual, so I knew when he called this a 'date night' that it was going to be special. 

We love Italian food, so he took me to dinner at Carrabbas. Somehow after dinner, Kyle complained of still being hungry and craving ice cream. This was odd since he was lactose intolerant. I just went along with it though since I can always make room for ice cream. He said he wanted to go to Mike's Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Nashville. How could I turn down homemade ice cream?!

Conveniently located outside of the ice cream shop were the downtown carriage rides. Kyle gave me some money to get us ice cream, and he arranged a carriage ride around the city for us. After riding around downtown for a while, Kyle asked to hop out by the Cumberland River to get a closer look at the General Jackson cruise boat. I still had no clue what was about to happen. Kyle was silently staring at the beauty around us for about two minutes or so. It was beautiful, but I was afraid the carriage driver would leave us there in the cold, so I told Kyle we needed to get back on the carriage. That is when he nervously knelt down and asked me to be his wife!! 

What are some things you enjoy doing together?

We love to hike, travel, play games and watch comedies together. We keep each other laughing all the time. 

What is your favorite thing about him?

Kyle is a very hard worker. He's got an adventurous spirit and gives everything 150%. He's also my exact opposite, which balances out this girly girl! 


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With love,