Wedding Tips and Tricks: Part V

Wedding planning can be stressful and rife with questions. My latest installment of Wedding Tips and Tricks will, hopefully, help to alleviate some of the uncertainty and help you to feel more confident in your wedding planning endeavors! 

1. If you are detail oriented, make a master list of tasks to be done on your wedding day and then delegate. You do not need to do anything on your big day! Your friends and family are there to help you. 

2. Keep a chart of which vendors need to be paid when. Some want final payments in the weeks preceding your wedding, others want to be paid on the day of. Have someone else handle the payments if it is on the day of. You don't need the stress. 

3. Try to keep your guests dietary restrictions in mind when it comes to the catering for the reception. If you have several vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or non-dairy friends and family, make sure there is an option for them. They will feel well cared for and have a blast at your wedding because of it. 

4. Check with shop where you buy your dress about their policy regarding holding your dress for you. Some shops will hold it for you at the store for no charge so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it, or anyone that is not supposed to see it (cough, cough, your fiancé) stumbling upon it. 

5. If at all possible, hire a day-of coordinator, especially if you didn’t use a wedding planner. Do not make one of your bridesmaids or your mother take care of the little details on the day of your wedding. Hire someone so that the people you love can relax and be there for you! 

Were these tips and tricks helpful to you? Do you have any tips and tricks you would like to pass on? Leave it in the comments! 

With love,