How To Write a Thank You Card

It is wedding season, which also means it is wedding shower season! You have already, no doubt, received several gifts for your pending nuptials...but how do you thank everyone for them? If you are lost when it comes to writing thank you cards, I am here to help! Here are my tips on how to write a thank you card! 

1. Greeting

This is the easy part! If it is someone you know well, like family and close friends, you can be more casual. A simple Hello! or just listing their names will work just fine. If it is someone who is just an acquaintance, co-worker, or a random friend of your parents, something a bit more formal is best. Start out with Dear, and go on from there. 

2. Addressing the Gift

Thank them for the gift! If it is a physical gift, likely something off of your registry, name the specific item, like: Thank you so much for the red Kitchenaid mixer! And then go on to explain how you intend to use it or where you will be placing it. 

If it is money, do not state the amount in the card, just thank them for their generous gift. Then let them know what you intend to spend it on, or what you are saving up for, like purchasing your first home, going on a big trip, etc. 

3. Personal Message

After thanking them for the item, let the gift giver know what they mean to you personally. If it is someone you know well, something to the effect of "I cannot wait to see you soon!" or "You mean so much to me!" would work nicely. If it is someone you do not know well, go with something like "I'm thinking of you." or "I hope you are doing well". This adds a personal touch and helps the giver to feel like they are appreciated as well, not simply for their gift but for their presence in your life. 

4. Sign Off

When signing off, you can go two different ways. For people you don't know well, or are not very close to going more formal is typically better. Use sincerely, cordially, etc. 

For friends and family, be more warm and affectionate. Use warmly, with love, thanks a million, or even draw a heart symbol. 

Also, sign both of your names!! You are a team now! 

These tips work for any kind of thank you card: wedding, act of service, housewarming party, baby name it! 

A few more helpful tips: 

Buy pretty stationary! I got mine through Wedding Paper Divas, who also did my invitations and ceremony programs. Their product is top notch, and I still use it to this day, two years later! 

Only enlist your fiancé/husband's help if he is good at this type of thing or enjoys it. If he does not, it will only give you a headache to try to get him to help. Trust me! 

Send the thank you card as soon as you receive the gift! If there is a shower before the wedding, write and send them as soon as you get home. You will be less likely to forget about them and who gave you that toaster. 

If they are gifts you received at the wedding, write the thank you cards as soon as you are back from the honeymoon. If you wait longer, they will likely never get done! 

I hope these were helpful tips! What thank you card tips do you go by? Leave a comment below! I love to hear from you!

With love,


How to Plan a Stress-Free Honeymoon

After all of that planning for the wedding ceremony and reception, who wants to plan for their honeymoon?! I have some tips for you to plan a stress-free honeymoon and have some fun doing it! Whether you are honeymooning in a sunny, beachy paradise or an old, European city, you should be able to have the stress-free time of your life! 

1. Choose your destination. 

This could either be the most difficult or the absolute easiest step! I know that going to the beach is the most popular honeymoon destination, but do not discount the romance of a non-beach destination. As for myself, I have wanted to go to Venice, Italy for my honeymoon since I was in high school, and my wonderful husband was gracious enough to comply with my wishes. :) 

So, ask yourself this question: would you rather spend your honeymoon laying out on white, sandy beaches getting a killer tan, or would you rather spend your honeymoon exploring a romantic old city rife with history and beauty? Neither answer is wrong, but both can be amazingly romantic and a wonderful adventure for you and your new spouse! 

2. Look up travel deals on travel websites. 

There are many great travel deal websites out there. The ones that we used are TripAdvisor and Hipmunk, but there are so many others that offer great deals all the time. Look up travel deals early, as it is sometimes cheaper to book airfare, hotels and more months in advance. 

3. Get your flight booked way in advance.

As I stated above, getting your flight booked in advance is a huge load off of your back, and you can usually get a better deal than if you wait until the last minute. Also, I recommend waiting to leave for the honeymoon until the day after, or a few days after, the wedding itself. Believe me, you will thank me later when you get a good night's sleep before hopping on a plane! 

4. Book a hotel that has really good reviews.

Here is where planning in advance really pays off. Look at the ratings a hotel gets, but more importantly, read the reviews from past customers. Often the reviews will reveal great amenities, customer service and more; or, they will reveal that you should definitely not stay there! You want to have a good hotel, as you will be sleeping there each night, as well as eating there and possibly utilizing the amenities as well. 

5. Research the area and make a list of what activities you want to make sure you do. 

Planning this in advance will take any stressful moments of not knowing what to do, and probably arguing about it, away. You want to be able to thoroughly enjoy every moment with your new hubby, not spend the time fighting about what activities you do or do not want to participate in. Agreeing in advance on what attractions and excursions you want to take part in will help to keep everything light and fun. 

6. Go shopping! 

Even if you have lots of clothes that will work for your honeymoon, go buy at least one new item! It will make your trip all the more exciting if you have a brand new outfit to show off for your husband! Plus, you get to go shopping! :)

7. Pack with convenience in mind. 

It is tempting to pack a separate outfit for each day you are away, believe me, I get it. However, if you are going to be gone for more than 5 days or so, you really should mix and match. That way, you will not have a ridiculously heavy suitcase to lug around, and you will have more room in your luggage for souvenirs! 

8. Make sure your passports are up to date and keep all travel documents in a safe place. 

Nothing is worse than thinking you have an up to date passport and discovering that it is about to expire only days before your trip. Avoid this catastrophe by assuring that your passport, and any other travel documents, are taken care of at least two months before your trip. Then, make sure you store them somewhere that you will not lose them, and also will not forget to bring them with you!  

9. Figure out your transportation situation before your plane lands.

Check out what the transportation is like at your destination. If you are staying in an all-inclusive resort, often they will have a shuttle provided to pick you up from the airport. If you are staying in a little European hotel, check to see if taxis, buses, or trains are the most efficient and cost-effective form of transportation. Looking this up in advance will help to avoid any confusion when you land, especially if your destination does not have any native English speakers. 

10. Plan relaxation time!

Do not bog yourself down with so many activities that you are exhausted the entire time you are gone! I was guilty of this - my husband was so tired the entire time that he did not have as much fun as he would have if I had planned some downtime into our schedule. Take some time to just be. You just got married! Enjoy yourself! 


These are just a few tips from my own honeymoon planning experience. What travel planning tips do you have? Leave them in the comments below!! 

Now go have a great honeymoon you newly-wed you! :)

With love,