How To Choose Your First Dance Song

Congrats, you just got married! Your wedding reception is the first time that you get to celebrate your freshly-formed union with your new husband or wife. Your first dance is a very special moment, and possibly one of the only moments you get to spend alone with your new spouse on your wedding day. Some people have had "a song" for much of their relationship...but what happens if you don't? 

If you don't have a special song with your special someone, making the decision for what to dance to for your first dance at your wedding reception might be overwhelming and frustrating. Here are 5 tips for how to choose your first dance song: 


1. Look through your personal music library.

Odds are, you have a fairly sizable music library, whether it be digital or on CD's. I am willing to bet that if you take a look through it that you will find a song that has always reminded you of your fiancé, or that has lyrics that strike you as particularly beautiful. Often, your own collection of music will be the place that you find the songs that are the most significant to you and your significant other. This is definitely the first place you should look. *A word of caution: listen to all of the lyrics before you choose for anything that might not be "wedding appropriate".*

2. Think about your shared musical interests. 

Do you and your fiancé have a love of Top 40's music? Perhaps you are both huge fans of a particular artist or band. Or, maybe your fiancé introduced you to a style of music or a particular group that you had never heard of, but now love. These are all great places to start from. When you think about the genres and particular artists that mean something to the both of you a spark can be lit that will lead you to the perfect song choice. 

3. Decide what style of music & dancing fits you best. 

Are you two the romantic lovebirds that would love to do a simple waltz around the dance floor? Are you more of the wallflowers that would be content just swaying in each others arms? Or, are you the life of the party who would enjoy choreographing an elaborate routine? Perhaps something funny and slightly self-deprecating would be more up your alley? When you can pinpoint what type of dance you are comfortable doing in front of an audience it will certainly help to narrow down your song choices significantly. 

4. Look on Pinterest for suggestions. 

Pinterest is a great place to go for ideas. There is an entire section of the website devoted to weddings. You can search specifically for wedding music, or for first dance songs in particular. Here is a link to my Pinterest board for wedding music. This should be a great jumping off point for you if you are still feeling lost. And be sure to check back frequently. I am always updating :) 

5. Talk with a wedding singer or band. 

Last, but certainly not least, ask a professional. We LOVE talking to brides and grooms! I personally love giving song recommendations. It is such a great feeling knowing that you have introduced someone to music that could really mean something to them. So, give us a call, or sit down and have some coffee with us. We will play you songs, get to know you, and help you to pinpoint what song will capture the essence of your relationship. We have SO many ideas...use us!! 


I hope that these tips are helpful to you in your search for the perfect first dance song! Always feel free to leave a comment below, or head on over to my contact page to set up an appointment so we can get started on this exciting journey together! 


With love,