Book Review: HIStory in 30 Days by Carole O. Schryber

On top of my love for all things musical, I am also a lover of God and literature. I have been contemplating adding a new blog series of book reviews for all of you to enjoy, both brides and not. So, when my friend Natalie asked me to write a book review on this great devotional, I figured this was a great book to start off with. 

The Book

HIStory in 30 Days: Genesis to Revelation with Daily Devotionals by Carole O. Schryber

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It is set up in a daily format. Here is the general layout of the devotional:

HIStory continues… (This is the devotional text)

Devotional: Where Are We in HIStory? (A daily verse and its application)

Today I Pray (A daily prayer)

A quote from the author: “The Bible isn’t a random collection of unrelated books. Rather, it tells one story from beginning to end. There is one plot throughout. Many of us are so accustomed to moving around in the Bible that the fact it’s one linear story, threaded throughout, can get lost.” - Carole O. Schryber

Every book, from Genesis to Revelation, is mentioned. The story is seamless. It is the story of God, and His love for us, which resulted in His plan from the beginning of time, to send Jesus to die for our sins. 

My Thoughts

It took me a bit longer than 30 days to complete the study, but that is alright. It is not important how long it took, but that I finished it, and did it chronologically. Reading from the beginning to the end helps to lay out how God had plans for us from the very beginning, and He never wavered in that plan. 

There were mornings where I didn’t want to sit down and do this study. There were so many things that would call to me, like a siren song, trying to convince me to step away. Don’t you want to wash these dishes, Whitney? - Shouldn’t you check your email again…just in case? - Maybe there is something new on Pinterest you should look at? My brain came up with myriad excuses to put it off. But, I soldiered on, and I am glad I did.

This study came during an emergence from a spiritual dry spell for me. It was a really great way to get me back in the Word every day. I thrive on routine, and having a study that only took 10 minutes of my morning was perfect for my checklist-oriented personality. 

As a result of this study, which gave great snapshot views into every book of the Bible, I am now motivated to dig into the word more and more. I am also itching to read some of the books I might not have been drawn to in the past. Because the Bible is one story, His story, and it deserves to be savored. 

The Verdict

Read it!!

I 100% recommend this book for anyone who is wanting to learn more about God, Jesus, and Christianity in general. I also recommend this devotional for my fellow brothers and sisters who feel like they have been drifting and are looking for a life raft to pull them back in the right direction. 

I hope you like the book review idea! What books have inspired you? 

With love,