'Friends' 20 Year Anniversary: Wedding Moments!

In honor of 'Friends' 20 year anniversary, I would like to detail the 'Friends' wedding moments that happened over their 10 year run! 'Friends' was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite tv shows EVER, so I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane! 

*Disclaimer - I do not own the rights to any of these videos. All videos come from YouTube. Thanks :) *

Friends Title -  en.wikipedia.org

Friends Title - en.wikipedia.org

1. Rachel's "Almost Wedding" - Pilot, Season 1, Episode 1

Of course, we have to begin this list with the wedding that never was, Rachel's marriage to Barry, the orthodontist. Rachel's epic entrance into Central Perk in her wedding dress, soaked to the skin helped to set the tone for the 10 wonderful seasons to come. 

2. Carol and Susan's Wedding - Season 2, Episode 11

Carol and Susan's wedding was a big turning point for Ross. He was finally able to accept Carol's lifestyle and her decision to leave him for Susan. He even walked Carol down the aisle when her parents refused to come to the wedding. With a little bit of kookiness from Phoebe being possessed by a massage client who died on her table, Carol and Susan's wedding was fairly pivotal. 

3. Barry and Mindy's Wedding - Season 2, Episode 24

Another turning point wedding, Barry and Mindy's wedding was a big deal for Rachel. Even after an embarrassing incident with her dress being tucked into her underwear, Rachel was still able to get closure after her failed attempt at marriage to Barry in the first season. Guess who gets the last laugh? 

4. Ross and Emily's Wedding - Season 4, Episode 23 & 24

This episode contains possibly one of the worst wedding moments you could imagine. After Rachel decides to fly to London at the last minute to win Ross back, she decides not to say anything after seeing him so happy with Emily. However, Ross ruins everything when he says Rachel, rather than Emily, during his vows. Cringe!!! 

5. Ross and Rachel's Vegas Wedding - Season 5, Episode 24

While in Vegas to visit Joey on the set of his failed movie, Monica and Chandler decide to take the plunge and get married! However, when they get to the chapel, they find that a very, very drunk Ross and Rachel have done just that! Thus begins Ross' shortest lived marriage yet! 

6. Monica and Chandler's Wedding - Season 7, Episode 23 & 24

This is probably the most anticipated, and most well loved, wedding in the entire series. Monica and Chandler are the quintessential 'friends first' relationship that every girl secretly longs for. So, for me, Monica and Chandler's wedding, as wrought with drama as it was, is my absolute favorite. I cry every time they say their vows! 

7. Phoebe and Mike's Wedding - Season 10, Episode 12

The final wedding of the series! Of course, it has just enough of Phoebe's craziness to make it work, but it was probably one of the most beautiful weddings that the 'Friends' had. And I don't care what Monica says, I like Marjorie's steel drums! haha 

So, there you have it! A complete listing of the wedding moments of 'Friends'! I hope that you enjoy watching and re-watching these as much as I have. I love looking back on this since 'Friends' really does show just what it is like to go through your 20s and 30s. Even if some of the fashion hasn't aged well, the portrayal of the way your friends become your family is absolutely timeless.

What is your favorite 'Friends' wedding moment? Do you have a favorite episode or scene in the series? Let me know in the comment section below! 


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