25 Fall Date Ideas

Fall is finally here!! I don't know about you, but fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons. And, with the changing of the seasons comes opportunities to go on some really great dates with your special someone! Thinking of new, fun things to do for dates with your sweetheart can sometimes be challenging...that's where I come in!

Here are 25 Fall Date Ideas for you and your honey! 

1. Visit a pumpkin patch: What says fall more than picking out a pumpkin together? Have some fun and make a game of who can pick the best one.

2. Go to a corn/hay-bale maze: Get lost together in a corn maze. Take your time. Talk about anything and everything. This is a great setting to just be the two of you with no distractions. 

3. Go apple/berry picking: This is such a fun fall activity! Find a fall farm that allows people to come in and pick fresh fruit. This is a great way to have a fun, outdoor date. 

4. Visit a Fall Festival together: There are so many great festivals that happen in the fall. Go enjoy great music, fun festival food, and good company for the day!

5. Go to a haunted house: 'Tis the season to be spooky! Embrace the Halloween spirit and go visit a haunted house together! If you get scared, you have someone to protect and comfort you afterwards ;) 

6. Have a picnic: Pack a picnic, bring a thermos of hot chocolate and throw on some flannel! This is a great way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and your sweetie all at once. 

7. Go on a hike: Go on a hike together and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. 

8. Have a bonfire: Put on a bonfire! Make some s'mores, have some cider and wrap up in a blanket. So romantic! 

9. Host a costume party: Get your party on! Costume parties are a great way to celebrate the season and have a great time with your special someone! 

10. Go on a hay ride: This just screams fall fun to me! Bundle up and take a hay ride together! 

11. Do a fall movie marathon: There are so many movies that are very fall themed. Gather up a few, pop some popcorn and snuggle on the couch for a fun movie marathon. 

12. Go park-hopping together: Feel like a little kid again. Go from park to park playing on the playground, walking around together and having fun in the fall weather. 

13. Visit the farmer's market: So many great fruits and vegetables are at their peak in the fall. Go to the farmer's market, pick out your favorites and try something new together. 

14. Go to a football game: Whether it is professional, college, or your local high school, a football game is a great fall fun activity to do with your man! 

15. Make Jack-o-lanterns: Remember that pumpkin you picked out together? Now is time to carve it up! Make it a competition to see who can make the scariest, cleverest, or funniest one. 

16. Build a blanket fort: Get out your sheets, blankets and pillows and build a blanket fort! Eat junk food, make shadow puppets, and have a blast together! 

17. Go on a bike ride: Take a romantic bike ride through some beautiful autumn leaves. 

18. Go to the drive-in: Find a local drive-in movie theater! Lots of them do double features - so stock up on the popcorn, candy and coke and get snuggly! 

19. Go stargazing: Find a great open place to put down a blanket and do some stargazing. So romantic :) 

20. Have a scary movie marathon: This one could go two different ways - actually scary and made-for-children scary. If you are a die-hard scary movie fan, get the most terrifying movies you can find and scream together! If you are like me and cannot do really scary, get more mellowed down scary movies and laugh at them together! 

21. Have a fall photo shoot: Find a great setting (pumpkins, hay-bales, fall leaves...) and do a photo shoot together. What a great excuse to hug and kiss your sweetie all day long! 

22. Host a chili cook-off: This is a great way to have fun in a group setting! Cook up your meanest chili and have a blast! 

23. Visit a local vineyard or brewery: Check out a local vineyard or brewery and try out their fall creations. Have a taste test and have some fun!

24. Go on a fall coffee tour: Go to every coffee shop in the city and try out a sample of their signature fall drink. Compare notes :) 

25. Make a fall themed meal together: Choose your favorite fall foods and make a meal together!


These are just a few ideas! What fun things do you like to do with your special someone in the fall?? Leave it in the comments! 


With love,