Engagement Stories: Callie & Tyler

This month's Engagement Story is a couple whose love for each other, and their love for the Lord, is truly beautiful. A shared passion for mission work brought them together, and the love that grew between them is what carries them forward. Everyone: meet Callie and Tyler! 

How did you first meet?

Tyler and I met in the Dominican Republic in March 2015. We were both working on staff with a missionary organization called DR Missions. Tyler had just arrived on a five month trip. I had worked with them in the past, and so when they needed some help over spring break, I planned a last minute trip. Our trips overlapped by just two weeks! We had an amazing two weeks serving the Lord together. We quickly became great friends. Within 5 days, Tyler was certain that we were going to get married, but we didn't even go on a date until August.  

Our first date was the night Tyler flew back to the United States. He changed his flights to fly into Atlanta , and I picked him up at the airport. We drove two hours to Auburn, Alabama and got dinner at Momma Goldberg's Deli. It wasn't fancy or well planned by any means, but after five months of talking on the phone every night, we were so excited to see each other in person! 

When did you know they were the one? 

If you haven't realized yet, our story is anything but typical. I knew Tyler was the one about 6 weeks after we met, which was still months before our first date. We spent those in-between months growing in our relationship. We intentionally poured into it by reading the Bible and doing devotions together. I had seen his heart and the way he loves the Lord. I knew he was a true servant by the way he loves the children in our feeding program and orphanage. I also knew he was a hard, dedicated worker and pretty handy at fixing things around the house! We discussed marriage around this time and it was clear that we felt the same way! 

Tyler's story is a little different. Tyler first knew he wanted to marry me only 5 days after we met. We had sent the day working and serving together, and we had to run down the street to a little convenience store. While we were there, I was laughing at something and Tyler thought to himself, "Wow, she has such a beautiful and joyful laugh." At this moment, the Lord spoke to him and said, "This is how it's going to be for the rest of your life." From that moment on, Tyler knew that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. 

How did he propose? 

In December 2015, I was visiting Tyler's family for Christmas. It was the day before Christmas Eve, and we attended an evening church service. We had dinner reservations 45 minutes after church ended, so we decided to go take a picture in front of this huge Christmas tree in the middle of downtown. I had been eyeing the tree all week and asking to go take a picture! When we got there, it was -16 degrees and snowing. There was nobody in sight! We stopped in front of the tree and Tyler pulled out his phone. I assumed we were still just taking a picture, but Tyler asked me to watch a video on his phone instead. It was a video of my 5 year old godson in the Dominican Republic saying, "Hey Callie, Tyler loves you a lot and he wants to marry you." When the video finished, I looked up and Tyler was down on one knee in the snow. He had a whole speech prepared, but he only got out a couple of lines before he asked me to marry him. I answered, "Yes, of course!" I was so excited that I put the ring on myself! 

What do you enjoy doing together?

Tyler and I truly enjoy doing everything together. We love serving and doing ministry together. When we're in the Dominican, we enjoy serving with the children at our feeding program, walking around neighborhoods and visiting with people, and exploring new parts of the county. In the United States, we spend a lot of time at church, hiking, hammocking, and walking our puppy! 

What is your favorite thing about him? 

How could I possibly choose? My favorite thing about Tyler is how much he loves Jesus. He is a wonderful man after God's heart and I know he will be a great spiritual leader for our family. He's always encouraging me to grow in my own faith. 


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Engagement Stories: Abby & Tyler

This month's Engagement Story is about a couple who has been together since high school, and has only grown to love each other more every day since then. With their wedding coming up in May, they are about to celebrate their love story in the most beautiful way possible. Everyone: meet Abby and Tyler! 

How They Met

It all started in physics class their junior year of high school. Abby thought Tyler was a good-lookin' baseball boy, and Tyler thought Abby was a cute girl who needed help on physics homework (she didn't ;) ). They went to see Taken at the movies - Tyler drove his mom's mini van. They clicked immediately, and got in trouble for talking during the previews (they didn't even notice they had started). The rest is history! 

The Proposal

After so many years together, Abby and Tyler both knew that a proposal was fast approaching; it was simply a matter of time. But, Tyler was determined to make the moment a surprise, no matter how difficult that was going to be. At this point, Abby was suspicious that any special moment could lead to a proposal, so Tyler had to get creative. He enlisted the help of Abby's roommate - she was in on the plan for months and was a crucial accomplice. 

One Saturday in October, she invited Abby to go with her to Arrington Vineyards to spend the afternoon with some "girlfriends." Little did she know, something much different had been planned. When they arrived, Abby's roommate led her to a secluded part of the vineyard where her "friends" were already waiting for them. Instead, Abby discovered Tyler waiting for her at a picnic table he had set up with a tablecloth and vases of red roses. He got down on one knee as she approached, and the surprise proposal was a complete success! 

But the surprises didn't stop there. Tyler and Abby enjoyed a glass of wine at the vineyard and then headed back to his place. Abby had no idea that Tyler had also gotten several of their friends to drive hours to celebrate the big day, and they were waiting at his apartment when Abby and Tyler arrived. The next morning, both of their parents were waiting for them at a restaurant to surprise Abby at breakfast. The proposal was certainly one for the books. 

The Details

Today, Tyler and Abby have grown to know so much about each other and a lot has changed. But, some things still remain the same - they're the best of buds, talk about pretty much everything, and still know Harry Potter Trivia like the back of their hands. They are thrilled to continue taking on life together, and can't wait to see what this new chapter of life has in store for them. 

Congrats to Tyler and Abby on your upcoming wedding! I am so excited to get to be part of your special day! 


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