Engagement Stories: Lynn & Kevin

This month's Engagement Story is for a beautiful couple who is getting married next weekend! They fell in love over softball and long, meaningful conversations under the stars, and they never looked back. Everyone, meet Lynn and Kevin! 

How did you first meet? 

Kevin and I met on a softball field. I had just taken my Umpires test and was to go to a field to meet the Chief and to call church co-ed ballgames. Instead, I ended up at a park in Mt. Juliet and met with that Chief, and he introduced me to what we call "Men's Big Boy Softball". Kevin was already an umpire there, and after a few weeks we got partnered up so that he could continue with my training. From there we got certified to call tournament ballgames and became friends. We have known each other for at least 15 years, but have only been a couple for the last 9 or so...I lost count. 

What did you do on your first date? 

I can't recall our first date, but I do remember our first kiss. It was in October after a dinner with other umpires. When the dinner was over, we decided to go shoot pool somewhere that doesn't even exist anymore. Anyway, when the evening was over, there was a kiss. I never looked back. 

When did you know they were the one? 

I don't know about Kevin, but I know when I fell in love. After ballgames, we would go get something to eat. This particular night, we were at McDonalds. We ate and then came back to his truck, sat on the tail bed and talked. I think we talked until 2 or 2:30 in the morning. He just listened and asked me questions. We talked about our lives and children, parents, faith. No subjects were off limits. I felt, and still do, that with him is the safest place and that his love for me is 100% unconditional, as mine is for him. 

How did he propose? 

The proposal was about a 8-9 year wait. My son had asked me and Kevin to go to lunch on Valentines day with him and his wife. This was something that was so out of the ordinary that I just knew that they were going to tell us that they were pregnant. Anyway, Kevin handed me a Valentines card and when I opened it, it said "To My Wife". This was not funny to me because he knew that I was waiting and wanting him to ask me. When I "slammed" that card to the table, he was holding a ring. I remember his hands were shaking like he was not sure of my answer. I screamed, laughed, cussed, shouted, and said YES!

What are some things you enjoy doing together? 

We are such homebodies, but we enjoy going to Estate sales and garage sales. We have done some short trips but both agree that we will get better at traveling. This time of the year is when Women's College softball is played, so we will follow all the games until the Women's World Series. 


Congratulations to you both, Lynn and Kevin! You are going to have an amazing wedding, and an even more amazing life together! 

If you want to be featured in an Engagement Story, or know of someone who should, let me know in the comments below! 

With love,


Wedding Stories: Claudia & Arnd

This sweet couple from Germany decided to come to Nashville and have the most beautiful destination vow renewal! Their love of country music brought them here, but their love for each other was the real star that day. Here is Claudia and Arnd's story!

Their Story

Arnd and Claudia met during college in their twenties. Claudia felt that he was in love, but she was in a relationship and he never declared his love for her. So they stayed friends, met once a year on the occasion of the yearly town festival in their hometown in Germany. They both married and had children: Arnd has 2 sons (Vincent and Felix) and Claudia has one (Max). At this time, they could not see each other anymore as Arnd moved a lot, for example to Nashville.

Then, they met again, after 20 years, one morning on an airplane to Paris. "It was flashing!" They began to see each other again. Claudia and Arnd found that they were what they each were somehow missing over all of those years. In September 2011 they moved together in their first little flat and finally got married in December 2014.

They decided to celebrate their love and renew their vows in style with a destination vow renewal in Nashville in May 2016. 

The Big Day


The day of Claudia and Arnd's vow renewal was a beautiful May morning in Nashville. The bride and groom, and all of their guests, had flown in from Germany the day before. The ceremony was held at Riverwood Mansion, and it was looking dreamy and idyllic, as usual. As the guests arrived, we played soft country tunes. 


Claudia walked down the aisle to "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain. Country music from the 90's was the theme of the day, as both Claudia and Arnd love that era of music. The bride looked stunning, and the groom looked starry-eyed, as he should.

The happy couple, officially renewed, walked into this second phase of their happy marriage to the chorus of "It's A Beautiful Day" by Michael Bublé. From there, we launched into a two hour cocktail hour, playing a mix of jazz and country tunes, including Faith Hill's "This Kiss" and Martina McBride's "Valentine". 

When the time came for Claudia and Arnd's "wedding waltz", they requested "She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel. This just so happened to be the song they danced to at their first wedding, so it was a very special moment to witness. The love these two have for each other is truly beautiful. 


Congratulations Claudia and Arnd! I hope you two have a long and happy life together and go on all sorts of European adventures :) 

With love,