Whitney loves to read novels, write historical fiction, and drink extremely creamy coffee. She loves to hang out with her husband, Nathan, binge-watching movies and TV-shows. Whitney also loves to go hiking, write and receive hand-written letters, and play games with her friends. 

Whitney has had a love of music and performing since she was around six years old. Her first performance experiences were for church musicals at her little church in Frisco, TX, which rapidly expanded to school choirs, auditioned ensembles, local festivals and talent competitions. 

Whitney started taking voice lessons at the age of 11 and began acting classes at the age of 13. Her music and theater experience through high school included several musicals, plays, vocal showcases, demo recordings and talent shows. During her senior year, she auditioned for the music school at Belmont University in Nashville, TN and was accepted into their Commercial Voice program for the fall of 2006. 

Throughout college, Whitney was involved in several ensembles of varying vocal styles, including a gospel choir where she was able to get some recording experience under her belt as a featured soloist. Following her graduation in 2010, and two internships in the music business, Whitney worked as a paid soloist at a Nashville church, a voice instructor and as a session singer. She has recorded several solo and choral demos and has performed several times with The Nashville Choir at some of the most prestigious performance venues in Nashville. 

Whitney met her husband in 2011, got engaged in 2012, and married in 2013. It was during her year-long engagement that Whitney started to realize just how much wedding music meant to her. Three of her friends were married during her engagement period, all of whom had Whitney sing in their weddings. It was so much fun being part of their special day, to help make it everything that they had ever dreamed of. It was this experience that inspired Whitney to pursue this as a full-time career.


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